Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's that time again!

Election Year! Probably the only time I come even close to being a diligent blogger.

A dear friend of mine referred me to this article about an issue that's been in the news the past week or so. As I read this article, words like "deceit" and "corruption" filled my mind. Obama and his team will make ANY argument to make their free contraceptives mandate look noble and "just." This is NOT a women's rights issue! If you're concerned about getting pregnant, don't have sex. Be a responsible grown-up and control yourself. If you don't want to be responsible or a grown up, that's fine. Just don't ask me, and the rest of America's taxpayers, to pay for it. If the people had good leaders to look to, who taught more about upholding strong families and values, we wouldn't need to concern ourselves about passing policies that were related to inappropriate behavior. Yet another reason to elect leaders who HAVE strong values and lead honest, good, noteworthy lives.

Now, regarding the pretentious focus on the radio entertainer Limbaugh, I agree with what Sen. Olympia Snowe said in a related article: "We’ve got to leave the radio commentators to be radio commentators. Let’s do our jobs.” She states that Democrats and Obama are just using the press attention on Limbaugh to divert attention from other pressing matters in the White House -- such as the massive national debt that Obama destroyed his first few years of his term, only to then turn around and proclaim himself as the nation's savior because he was able to decreasing it later. Sure, we can always appreciate when the President will clean up a mess, but let's not forget who made it in the first place.

Do not be fooled by the array of faces the Obama administration uses to assert their irresponsible, anti-religious policies. From what I can see, Obama has sought to take away self-accountability, and dare I say, our very agency. Please always see things as they really are! Stand for family, freedom, and truth, not increased mandates from a "progressive" government.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

One thing I love about kids...

Aren't children just wonderful?

Not only do they enjoy the little things in life...


...but then they want to share!

I think we can all learn from their example :)

A Reminiscent Re-cap

I was going through some pictures in Picasa tonight while watching the Olympics (it is very difficult for me to watch TV and do nothing else...) and found an entire folder of a weekend in September 2009 that my niece Sophie came to visit. (I figured that since I didn't make a single blog post for all of 2009, a little tribute wouldn't hurt.) We did A LOT that weekend, so here are some of the highlights.

Sophie helped Grandma with dinner, hence the reason she has a towel wrapped around her waist-- it was her apron :)

Sometimes she would get a little distracted...
...but that's ok when you're 2 :)

We went to Fairytale Town with Jennifer and Nathan and the little ones had a blast climbing on all the giant fairytale figurines they had there.

The handle to the candlestick that our nimble friend, Jack, jumped over:

Steering the Pirate Ship:

Going down the slide with Mom:

Going down the slide as a Big Girl!

Driving Cinderella's carriage:

Looking out the window after a very long and Crooked Mile:

Giving Humpty Dumpty a High-5:

Sometimes getting them to look at the same time was a bit difficult...
Maybe next trip...
At least Jennifer was paying attention :)

And finally, two of my personal favorites:

And of course, no trip to Fairytale Town is complete without riding th ponies outside of the park.

It was fun to watch them both react to sitting on top of a moving horse. Sophie seemed pretty unsure of the whole thing most of the time, as did Nathan... that is until he found out that he could actually pull the horse's mane. Boys and girls are just so different!

I think that weekend we had dragged Sophie along to a birthday party (a grown-up one-- boring!) and a ward party. She was pretty tuckered out in the end.

So was Grandma.

Thanks for the great weekend, Sophie, Jennifer and Nathan!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great Video!

I really hope that we are all catching the vision of how pivotal Proposition 8 is for our society!
Here is another video that puts the main arguments (from both sides) into "plain english."

(sorry that you have to cut and paste the link-- I still am not very "blog-savvy" yet)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Proposition 8

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
Embedded in this e-mail is a video I received yesterday morning. After viewing it, I felt the urge to pass it on, along with this brief explanation. Please note that it is never my intent to support or advocate the hateful or malicious treatment toward any group of people, including those who practice homosexuality. However, I feel it is important to express why so many Californians are pushing so strongly for this Proposition to pass in the coming November election. Even though some of you are out of state, it is a good idea to start learning about the issue now, as it will undoubtedly effect all US States at one point or another, and likely many other countries as well.
By way of a brief summary, if Proposition 8 is passed, an amendment to the California State Constitution will be made stating these 14 words: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California ." This is ALL the proposition states-- no gimmicks, no loopholes.
A similar Proposition was raised in 2000 and passed by 61% of California voters-- nearly 14 million people! Recently, four activist judges based out of San Francisco overturned that decision. Proposition 8 will restore the official wording and definition of marriage in California, and make it a Constitutional amendment—meaning that never again will the CA Supreme Court be able to change the definition or override the voice of the people.
Please understand that this is not an anti-gay or a minority rights issue. The issue is the need for clarification of the definition of marriage, so that practices, such as same-sex marriages and behaviors, stay out of the public school curriculum. Such a definition would not affect, change or withhold any rights or liberties granted to domestic partnerships or civil unions; nor would such a definition discourage the acceptance of how others choose to live their lives or organize their own families. Homosexual couples would still have all the same legal rights and privileges as any other heterosexual married couple. Defining marriage as only being recognized between a man and a woman simply keeps the State from requiring teachers to teach our children about it without a parent's knowledge or permission.
This is what we are fighting for in California . Below is a video in which a Massachusetts family is interviewed. It is quite shocking to hear how the school system reacted to these parents' request regarding the teaching of homosexuality as "diversity" to their 5-year-old kindergartner.

Please watch this video and share it with those you know. This is something we ALL need to be aware of, and we especially need to talk about! We are not the minority. You will be surprised at how many people you might meet that feel the same way you do, and are afraid to talk about it for fear they might offend someone or come off as being anti-gay. Again, this is not the intent of the Proposition, nor it's campaigning, and it is NOT an anti-gay issue! We want to educate the public, help them understand some of the realistic ramifications, and then let them choose for themselves.
If you would like to look up further information on the proposition, get involved in the campaign, and/or register to vote, visit

Kimberly Perry