Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's that time again!

Election Year! Probably the only time I come even close to being a diligent blogger.

A dear friend of mine referred me to this article about an issue that's been in the news the past week or so. As I read this article, words like "deceit" and "corruption" filled my mind. Obama and his team will make ANY argument to make their free contraceptives mandate look noble and "just." This is NOT a women's rights issue! If you're concerned about getting pregnant, don't have sex. Be a responsible grown-up and control yourself. If you don't want to be responsible or a grown up, that's fine. Just don't ask me, and the rest of America's taxpayers, to pay for it. If the people had good leaders to look to, who taught more about upholding strong families and values, we wouldn't need to concern ourselves about passing policies that were related to inappropriate behavior. Yet another reason to elect leaders who HAVE strong values and lead honest, good, noteworthy lives.

Now, regarding the pretentious focus on the radio entertainer Limbaugh, I agree with what Sen. Olympia Snowe said in a related article: "We’ve got to leave the radio commentators to be radio commentators. Let’s do our jobs.” She states that Democrats and Obama are just using the press attention on Limbaugh to divert attention from other pressing matters in the White House -- such as the massive national debt that Obama destroyed his first few years of his term, only to then turn around and proclaim himself as the nation's savior because he was able to decreasing it later. Sure, we can always appreciate when the President will clean up a mess, but let's not forget who made it in the first place.

Do not be fooled by the array of faces the Obama administration uses to assert their irresponsible, anti-religious policies. From what I can see, Obama has sought to take away self-accountability, and dare I say, our very agency. Please always see things as they really are! Stand for family, freedom, and truth, not increased mandates from a "progressive" government.

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